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echalaz book 1907

Original copy of the Echalaz Collection book. Handbook of the Waterloo Museum, 1907.


echalaz books

New book published 2007. Green copy is for general sale and blue copy is a presentation copy from myself to family and friends. There will only be 10 blue copies.

There is also 30 signed and numbered leather bound copies which have now all been sold.


I would like to thank everybody for the positive comments I have received for this book. In particular from the Museum curators and NatSCA.

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The Echalaz Bird Collection

This book focuses on the current condition of the remaining cases from the Echalaz Bird Collection originally housed at The Waterloo Museum in Liverpool. This was one room of The Carnegie Library totally dedicated to the original collection.

The original handbook for the Waterloo Museum was written in 1907 by Lieut. Colonel Charles Theodore Echalaz himself and printed by Roffey & Clark, 12 High Street, Croydon. Having 325 pages and 24 photographs/prints of the cases it is an excellent reference to the birds themselves. In some instances extensive information is given on the acquisition of the species. This new book is a photographic record of the condition of the cases in 2007 with a brief description of the contents, condition, taxidermist and in most where they were acquired. It does not detail habitats and information about the birds themselves.

A second handbook on the collection was published in 1972 by Crosby Central Library and written by Philip N.H.Collins. This gave an overview of the collection and also line diagrams of the cases and birds for identification purposes. An example of this can be seen in this publication.  

The Carnegie Library opened in 1908, with the Waterloo Museum dedicated to the bird collection. This was one room with a doorway, one bay window and one other window. In 1941 the library took a direct hit from enemy bombs but the Waterloo Museum room was surprisingly untouched. The cases suffered blast damage to the glass, as is still evident with some today. Interestingly the Museum room is still standing today, evident by “Waterloo Museum” carved in stone above the doorway. It is used by the council as a temporary rental unit for various charities.

After this time the collection was moved to Stockport and returned to Crosby Library in 1968. Here it was housed in a purpose built room with the cases arranged in a type of fan shape to enable easy viewing. In the 1980’s thieves broke in through skylights and some of the birds and eggs were stolen or completely damaged beyond repair. These were generally the Birds of Prey cases.

In the 1990’s taxidermy was becoming “politically incorrect” and the costs involved in the upkeep were rising so the collection was moved into storage in the basement of a Town Hall.  It was here the photographs were taken.

Examples from The Echalaz Collection
Buzzards Buzzard Chicks Hine Cormorant
Buzzards by Hine of Southport Buzzard Chicks by Hine of Southport Cormorant and Chicks by Bisshopp of Oban
Game birds Hooded Crow Oystercatcher Chicks
Game Birds Unknown taxidermist Hooded Crow by Bisshopp of Oban Oystercatcher Chicks by Bisshopp of Oban
Black Throated Divers Tiger Skull Sign
Black Throated Divers by Bisshopp of Oban Skull from the 1st Tiger shot by Echalaz, 1866 Crude Sign in the basement storeroom showing the location of the collection

rowland ward book

Rowland Ward- A Naturalists Life Study

This is a 1st edition book limited to 50 copies only. It was published in 1913 by Rowland Wards wife and was never sold but was given as presents to friends, family and customers. Thus making this a very rare book. Condition is excellent with only minor cracking to inside boards at the spine.

Please see for sale page for price.

The book has been published in 2007 by MPM publishing in conjunction with myself. It is on general sale from 25th January 2008.

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