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The Guild of Taxidermists

The Guild is the only body representing taxidermists in the UK. Whether you are a professional, amateur or just a collector, you should consider joining the Guild. Each year the Guild holds a weekend conference and also day seminars. Valuable information and an insight into the Guilds activities can be picked up at these events. Regular newsletters are also issued to members.

Members of the Guild also benefit from assistance in the legal aspects of taxidermy. This is a complex system but updates are published to Guild members immediately after they happen. For more information on the legalities please follow the link to the Taxidermy Law Co. on the link page.


To join the Guild or find out more information follow the link on the links page or email me at; info@taxidermycollector.co.uk

The Guild of Taxidermists Conference 2008
laurence kim j1
The Chairman at large!!

Taxidermy Law update. Very interesting!!

John Hallet Demo
j2 j3 gyr
John Hallet Demo John Hallet Demo Best in Show by Mike Gadd
bald eagle jay mammals
Fantastic Bald Eagle now locally owned!! Albino and common Jays Mammal Show