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Examples I am currently looking for are:

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Taxidermy Wanted For Cash

I am interested in purchasing all types of taxidermy related items for my personal collection. Please contact me from the Contact Us page. If you are sending an email please provide as much information as possible and a photograph if you can. Details needed would be:

Obviously I cannot purchase everything I am offered but will be willing to put you in touch with other collectors who may be interested.

I am particularly interested in similar work by the following taxidermists which is both historical and modern.

Taxidermy Examples
Peter Spicer Tiger Head cooper rudd rowland ward buzzard
Peter Spicer
Tiger Trophy

J Cooper

Rowland Ward
TE Gunn Jay lowne kingfishers Scottish Wildcat
TE Gunn
Kingfishers and Chicks
Scottish Wildcat
Little Owls M Gadd armitstead snow buntings van ingen leopard
Mike Gadd
Little Owls
Tony Armitstead
Snow Buntings and nest
Van Ingen

The above are just examples of the type of quality items I am looking for. There are many other Historical and Modern Taxidermists work that I collect so please contact me to discuss anything you may have for sale..