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I have completed 9 African hunting safaris.

Africa is a magical land and returning there time and time again is not just a wish but a necessity.

Please look out for my new website www.safarihunter.co.uk which will be launched in April.

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Big Game Hunting and Land Rovers

From my childhood I have been involved with the countryside and fieldsports and have always had a love for the outdoors and nature. Shooting and hunting is not only about killing but also conservation. On my small pheasant shoot by managing the habitat for the pheasants we are conserving the future for song birds, insects and plants.

Big Game Hunting is a different story. During the reign of the British Empire everybody with a title seemed to be hunting in Africa and India. No value was attached to the animals themselves hence they were slaughtered indiscrimanently. The ivory and rhino horn trade was prolific.

With the formation of the Safari Club International and by working with African Governments, hunting slowly became a commercial activity to the African nations. The animals have had a chance to increase their populations by correct management methods and today hunting is governed by strict rules and procedures.

lodge hunting kudu bushbuck
African Hunting Lodge 48" Kudu taken in 2006 Bushbuck taken in 2007
lodge warthog baboon
Accomodation Warthog taken in 2007 Baboon taken in 2007 on top of a mountain with a 1000m shot
discovery racer discovery off road fox hunting
Discovery Comp Safari Racer Off Road Racing literally!! Revenge!!


From my early days of driving cars and then motorbikes I have had an interest in all things automotive. I bought my 1st Land Rover in 1992 and have always had numerous ones since then.

Off Roading and racing Land Rovers just developed from there. The Discovery above was my 1st off road racer.

I also own a 2006 Discovery which I am slowly updating with various off road additions.